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Box R Beef - 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Pastured Chicken Eggs$4.00dozen2Details
Beef Bones$30.0010 lbs4Details
EXTRA LEAN Premium Ground Beef$7.00lb5Details
Premium Ground Beef$6.75lb36Details

McPherson's High Desert Highlands

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Steaks & Chops (beef & pork)$60.00variety pack3Details
Pork Variety Pack$60.00variety pack3Details
Beef Variety Pack$60.00variety pack3Details
10 lbs Ground Beef (bulk discount)$45.0010 single-pound packages5Details
90/10 Ground Beef Double Pack$10.002 single-pound packages9Details
Italian Pork Sausage Double Pack$10.002 packages, ~2 lbs total10Details
Hot Dogs$8.001 lb package10Details
Bratwurst $9.001 lb package10Details
Pepper Bacon$9.001 lb package10Details
Maple Bacon$9.001 lb package10Details
Cottage Bacon$6.0012oz package10Details
Regular Pork Sausage Double Pack$10.002 packages, ~2 lbs total10Details
85/15 Ground Beef Double Pack$10.002 single-pound packages10Details
100% Beef Hot Dogs$8.001 lb package10Details

Rosemary & Maxine's Best

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Black Garlic Powder$8.004 oz. bottle10Details
Granulated Garlic$5.004 oz. bottle99Details
Local Honey$10.00pint100Details
Garlic Powder$5.004 oz. bottle100Details
Dehydrated Garlic Cloves$5.004 oz. bottle100Details
Garlic Salt$5.004 oz. bottle100Details
Fresh Garlic$3.00pound100Details

Simple Gifts Farm

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Tomatoes, roma/plum$3.00pound2Details
Mesclun Salad Mix 6 oz bag$3.50bag2Details
Bell Pepper, green$0.75each20Details


NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Rainbow Microgreens$7.004 oz2Details
Fresh Organic Oregano$2.25.75 oz2Details
Fresh Organic Rosemary$2.25.75 oz2Details
Fresh Organic Chives$2.25.75 oz2Details
Asian Microgreens$12.008oz3Details
Asian Microgreens$7.004 oz3Details
Broccoli Microgreens$7.004 oz3Details
Kale Microgreens$7.004oz3Details
Rainbow Microgreens$12.008oz3Details
Fresh Organic Mint$2.25.75 oz3Details
Organic Turmeric$3.751/4 lb8Details
Lemon Grass$2.501/4 lb8Details
Fresh Organic Ginger$2.501/4 lb per person8Details

Little B&B Eggs (checks payable to Billie Jo Leach)

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Eggs, chicken - large$4.00dozen3Details
Eggs, chicken - 18 - count, Nice size Med$4.0018-count5Details
Eggs, chicken - 1 dozen, Nice size Med$3.001- dozen6Details