Cal-Ore Produce
Address: 19912 Stateline Road Tulelake, CA, 96134
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Phone: 541-363-0101
About Us
In 1976, a small group of farmers committed to family, the beautiful Klamath Basin, and growing exceptional crops joined together to become Cal-Ore Produce. Decades later, their legacy has lived on, thrived, and grown to become an organization that farms over 1,600 potato acres, resulting in over 650,000 sacks of highest quality potatoes of different varieties. Cal-Ore Produce takes pride in having the equipment and workforce to provide high volumes of produce while still offering the familiarity and service of an operation focused on family and community.

Some of our farmers are in the fourth generation of their families to come back to the farm, which we like to think is a sign that we are doing our job in passing down the legacy of loving the land, the crops we produce from it, and the memories we make together from generation to generation.