Sustainable Wild Harvest
Address: 1297 Gardner Way Medford, OR, 97504
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Phone: 541-891-9057
About Us
Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Forbes Jonasson, Owner of Sustainable Wild Harvest, has always enjoyed the outdoors, taking part in the local sport harvest of fish and wildlife as a healthy food source for his family. Throughout his childhood, he always had the dream of going to Alaska to commercially harvest healthy populations of fish that are truly managed in a sustainable way. That dream became a reality in 2009 when he started fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, which holds the largest salmon run in the world and continues to have record breaking numbers each year. Since then, he has been able to expand that dream and now currently is an owner of, and fishes for, the only cooperative cannery in Bristol Bay. This cannery is not only unique in that it is 100% Fisherman-owned, but that all of the fish processed and packaged there, are able to go directly back to the Fisherman who caught them. This process gives you the piece of mind that you are getting the most sustainably harvested, highest quality, wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon on the market, directly from the hands who caught it!