Saltzman Family - Rafter J L Livestock
Address: 10340 Tingley Lane Klamath Falls, OR, 97603
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Phone: 530-902-2656
About Us
Located in Klamath Falls Oregon, we keep around 60 Romeldale ewes, a breed of sheep which are considered critically endangered by The American Livestock Conservancy. Our lambs are born each spring and raised here in Klamath Falls. All animals graze and are supplemented with local hay or alfalfa pellets. They do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones.
When you purchase a lamb share you are buying the whole or half animal live, meaning they have yet to be butchered. We have partnered with our wonderful local butcher, Diamond S Meat Company, to processes your meat. This means the animal never has to travel long distances to a USDA facility. Instead Diamond S comes directly to our farm.
In addition to the fee for the animal, customers will pay Diamond S directly for the processing and cut and wrap fees ($85 for a half lamb/$170 for whole lamb).
Total cost to customer is $210 for a half lamb or $420 for a whole lamb.Customers can customize their cut and wrap instructions. Please check out Diamond S website at for cut and wrap options.
Our lambs will be butchered February 11th, 2022. Lambs weigh at least 100 pounds yielding approximately 50 pounds of meat. Pick up from Diamond S Meats February 24th, 2022 not KFOM.