Rodriguez Ranch
Address: 10700 Old Fort Road Klamath Falls, OR, 97601
Email Address:
Phone: 541-273-9261
About Us
Our family has been raising sheep, cattle, and other animals on our small eighty-acre farm in Plum Valley since 2002. Our sheep flock size has varied over the years, from as many as forty ewes down to our current eight ewes. This winter we had eighteen North Country Cheviot ewes and produced 23 lambs. We purchase alfalfa locally for winter feeding and feed on our own pasture from April to November. We buy steers from a local cow-calf operation in the fall and then raise them primarily on our pasture until the following year. We try to practice low-stress animal management and rotational grazing. Dogs are an important part of our strategy, using border collies to move animals from pasture to pasture and using livestock guardian dogs to protect from predators. We enjoy raising sheep and selling them to local buyers. We are excited to participate in KFOM and make our lamb available to more people in the Klamath Basin.