McPherson's High Desert Highlands
Address: PO Box 63 Midland, OR, 97634
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Phone: 541-892-5909
About Us
McPherson’s High Desert Highlands is an offshoot of our larger family farm just south of Klamath Falls. For the last 47 years, our family has been in the business of growing hay, grain, and cattle in the Basin. We added highlanders and pigs into our projects a little over 5 years ago.

Our beef comes from highlander and highland-cross cattle, who spend their whole lives on our pastures and are winter-fed hay we raised on our farm. They are finished on our grassy pastures - we do not grain-feed/finish our beef.
Our pigs (which are a variety of heritage breeds) are 100% vegetarian fed with barley and alfalfa straight from the farm. They take their job as our farm's composters very seriously.

Our mission is to use sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and humane practices to grow our products and connect people to local, quality, sustainable food.
On our farm we practice rotational grazing, pigaeration composting, no-till farming, and graze-cropping as part of our transition to regenerative agriculture. These are all practices to encourage carbon-sinking, animal health and quality of life, land productivity, and wildlife co-existence. We do not use hormones or other supplements on our cows or pigs, and we use low-stress strategies to minimize animal stress in any handling.