Claw Foot Coffee Company
Contact: Sean and Carrie Wilcox
Address: 123 High Street Klamath Falls, OR, 97601
Email Address:
Phone: 971-222-8455
About Us
We began roasting our own coffee about seven years ago. It all started with a cast iron pan, a Coleman stove, and lots of smokey beans out in the yard! Sometimes we got it right, other times not so much, but we kept practicing, learning, trying different beans and roast levels. Eventually, we decided we'd like to share our love of fresh roasted coffee locally. We purchased a fluid bed coffee roaster (sort of like a giant air popcorm popper!) and renovated a shed at our house to become our little roastery. Now, we supply coffee beans locally to Brevada Brew House, as well as other small businesses and customers in Klamath Falls and beyond!
We purchase only specialty grade coffee beans from various importers. We make sure to purchase from ethical businesses that give farmers a fair price for their product. Once we get the beans, we roast at a couple different roast levels to see what tastes best for that particular bean.

You order by Tuesday night, we roast your beans on Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon you have the freshest bag of beans possible! It is a good rule-of-thumb to let beans rest 24-48 hours after roasting before you brew them, so by Friday morning your will have an amazing cup of coffee or espresso!