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Feral Filaments

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Chicken eggs, pasture-raised$4.00Dozen2Details
Oregano, fresh$1.001/2 oz10Details
Criollo cocoa, powder$3.00oz50Details

Rosemary & Maxine's Best

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
Garlic Powder$5.004 oz. bottle10Details
Dehydrated Garlic Cloves$5.004 oz. bottle10Details
Garlic Salt$5.004 oz. bottle10Details
Granulated Garlic$5.004 oz. bottle10Details
Black Garlic Powder$8.004 oz. bottle10Details
Fresh Garlic$3.00pound10Details
Local Honey$10.00pint100Details

Little B&B Eggs (checks payable to Billie Jo Leach)

NamePriceSold by theAvailable
TURKEY EGGS cage free pasture raised $2.506 Pack1Details
Eggs, chicken free range - XL/L$4.00122Details
Eggs, chicken free range - 18 - MIXED SIZE$4.50184Details
Eggs, chicken free range - 18 - XL/L mixed size$6.00184Details
farm fresh, cage free TURKEY 2019 THANKSGIVING DINNER$40.00per turkey4Details
Eggs, chicken free range - 1 dozen$3.001210Details